A Tribute In Honor
Cindy Ann Deuel
At last count (10/29/03) 2,752 people lost
their lives on the 9/11 attack on the World
Trade Center.   That morning, 28 year old
Cindy Deuel was working at Carr Futures, a
global institutional brokerage firm, located on
the 92nd floor of World Trade Center #1
(North Tower).  69 employees from Carr
Futures lost their lives.  Our family was
notified on January 9, 2002 that Cindy had
been found.  Cindy's funeral took place at
Cedar Lawn Cemetery, in Patterson, New
Jersey on January 12th, 2002.

My name is Richard Deuel and I am Cindy's
brother.  Cindy and I were very close and I
am having a hard time accepting that Cindy is
gone.  This website is a way for me, my
family and friends to keep Cindy alive in our
hearts and minds.  Enter this site and learn
about our Cindy, loved by so many.
Drawing by Lisa Wilson
We Miss You Cindy