Cindy's Gift
Opening Doors To Our Past

Cindy's love of history, science and exploration has sent many others and me on a fascinating
journey into the past.  I believe it saddened her to know that much of the past of those who
lived there, somehow managed to be forgotten.  Her desire was to resurrect their identities,
their purpose, and their desires to allow us to better see ourselves, where we came from and
how we will one day be remembered.

In life and among the living, she did not discriminate who she found interesting and whom
she thought had something to offer.  The same can be said for her genealogy research, where
the many branches of the family tree touched a wide array of ethnic backgrounds and
countries of origin.  I believe the main reason for her dogged analysis of her ancestors was to
give credit where credit is due and to be proud of their accomplishments.  Our ancestor's
perseverance through war, immigration, economic hardships, family dysfunction, and life
tragedies is what has given us life.  Their love of life and family gave them hope of fulfilling
their dreams.  Although the time and place in which they lived was much different than ours
today and at times may seem more adventurous, it is the many striking similarities which are
both inspiring and educational.

I am learning from my ancestors everyday to cherish what I have now.  Life is short, but not
without purpose.  It is an ever-continuing saga that should never be forgotten.  The
characters in this play each have an important role.  Cindy's gift was to help open the curtain
on these people's lives and the time in which they lived.  This gift has become a valuable
resource in my life and for all who have joined me on this journey.  To all the friends, family
and researchers that have struggled with me to piece together the puzzles of our past, I
graciously thank you for all of your help.

For now this site will be divided into eight areas, each representing a different ancestral line of
which we are studying.  As other lines open up, I will then dedicate pages to those areas.

The Deuels (paternal side) - Our great-great-grandfather Henry Deuel was born in the
U.S. in 1811.  His parents are unknown at this time.

Cindy Deuel5 (Joseph Peter Deuel4 , John James Deuel3 , John J. Deuel2 , Henry

2) The Costantinis (paternal side) - Our great-great-grandfather Luigi Costantini was born in
1836 in Borca di Cadore, Italy.  His son Oreste came to the U.S in 1901.  Luigi's parents are
unknown at this time.

Cindy Deuel5 (Joseph Peter Deuel4, Anna Appolonia Costantini-Deuel3, Oreste
Costantini2, Luigi Costantini1)

3) The Koerts (paternal side) - Our great-great-grandmother Adriana Koert was born July
21, 1833 in The Netherlands and came to the U.S.  We know this line (old spelling was
"Court") back twelve generations from Adriana to Jacob Court, born about 1490 in Holland.

The Grootenboers (paternal side) - We will also examine the Grootenboer line, Adriana's
daughter Maggie remarried a Richard Grootenboer after being married to our great
grandfather John J. Deuel.)

The Moolenaars/Millers (paternal side) - Adriana's first husband, Maggie Miller's father,
was a Thomas Moolenar.

The Groendykes (paternal side) - We will also explore the Groendyke family, after
Adriana's marriage to Maggie's father Thomas Moolenar, she married a Huibert Groendyke.

Cindy Deuel5 (Joseph Peter Deuel4, John James Deuel3, Maggie
Koert-Moolenar-Deuel2, Adrianna Koert1)

7) The Sledjeskis (maternal side) - Our great-grandfather Peter Sledjeski came over to U.S.
from Poland in early 20th century.  His parents are unknown at this time.

Cindy Deuel4 (Patricia Ann Sledjeski-Deuel3, Bertha Sledjeski2, Peter Sledjeski1)

8) The Theriaults (maternal side) - Our grandfather, a Theriualt, is unknown to us at this

Cindy Deuel3 (Patricia Ann Sledjeski-Deuel2, Theriault1)
The Groendykes
The Theriaults