I'd like to thank my cousin Keith for letting me scan his photo album.  After days of scanning and posting
to Cindy's site, the photo album is done.  These photos have been a real gold mine for our genealogy
research, but many of the individuals in these photos, especially the 1951 photos, are completely
unknown to me.  I have some guesses, but I would love for you to straighten out my guesswork.  I must
admit this was a really fun project.   I was able to place the Polaroid photos in order and group them
from the same roll thanks to numbers on the backs of the photos!  Putting them in to the correct order
really gives you a feeling of the moment the photos were taken, who was there and what they were
doing.  There are a lot of photos missing from some of the rolls - I wonder if there are any more of these
photos in a box somewhere!  As clues come in from Keith and others as to the identities and stories
around these photos, I will begin to caption them.

Below this text box and to the right of this picture of grandpa, you will see a form box and then a submit
button.  On each page, next to each photo I have placed an empty box and then a submit button.  You
can use these boxes to send me short explanations as to the who, where and when of the photo in
question.  You can revisit these submission boxes as many times as you like.  
NOTE: You only have to
hit one submit button on each page and you don't have to fill out every box. Next you will be
taken to a page showing that the submission was sent - just use your back browser button to
return to the photo. I will be able to know which photo you are describing since the form
boxes send the name of the photo to me behind the scenes.  
These responses will not be placed
online - they arrive in my email.   Thanks!
John J. Deuel 1951
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