We now have a signed contract with Scobba Monument Works in Patterson, New Jersey to
create Cindy's headstone.  They have done monuments for Larry Doby Park,  and did the Joe
Louis Memorial Park monument.  We were impressed by their portfolio and unique creations
(one in the shape of a lightbulb, another a giant peace symbol).  All of their pieces involve
incredible detail, which will be important for the design of the family tree on Cindy's stone.  I am
happy to report that personal donations have reached 3,159.47 and the Crime Victim's Board of
New York has also contributed.  We have decided that along with the headstone, we are going to
pay for a perpetual flower garden at the base.  One thing that saddened Cindy when we visited
our ancestor's headstones, was to find them neglected and uncared for.  One Deuel cemetery in
Dutchess County NY is so overgrown, it is almost impossible to find.  It is with your generous
donations that Cindy is going to have a beautiful and lasting memorial that will be there for her
loved ones to visit now and many years into the future.   We are no longer accepting donations,
but if you would like to have flowers delivered to Cedar Lawn Cemetery, please contact me and
I will send you info on how this can be done.

The actual stone for the headstone will be obtained from South Africa.  The first draft of the
tree, designed by Cindy's brother Richie, has been submitted to Tony Scobba.  It has been
decided that on the backside of the stone, there will be a depiction of the Twin Towers as they
were before their destruction.