Breaking News: Cindy's trip to Mars

I am proud to report to you that Cindy's name will be
included among 3,551,645 other Mars enthusiasts on
mini-DVD disks traveling aboard the Mars
Exploration Rover landers.  Rover "A" named "Spirit"
was launched on June 10th, 2003 and will land on
January 4, 2004.  Rover "B" named "Opportunity"
was launched on July 7, 2003 and will land on
January 25th, 2004.  From an early age our brother
Joey was the catalyst for our love of astronomy. I'd
like to thank him for having the foresight to enable this
tribute to Cindy.

The DVD disks are made from silica glass and could
last as long as 500 years, a time capsule to be found
by future manned flight expeditions to Mars.  Before
driving away from the lander, the rover will snap a
photo of the disk, which is fitted with magnets to
collect dust and colors to be viewed under the
Martian sky.

Also watch the news for Europe's Mars Express,
which has successfully ejected its Beagle-2 surface
probe, which will be landing on Christmas Day.
Original 1976 Viking 1 photo
of "face on Mars"
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