Soon after 9/11, this memorial to Cindy was set up
at the entrance to the Department of Chemistry at
Columbia University in New York City.  Cindy
worked as the Graduate Student Coordinator of the
chemistry department from June 1, 2000 to
February 8, 2001 while attending school at
Columbia. I'd like to thank Simon and Lisa S. Boffa
for providing these pictures.
In a letter the family needed detailing Cindy's work history, Cindy's supervisor at Columbia wrote
some very touching words regarding Cindy:

"As Cindy's supervisor, I would like you to know that she was competent, responsible and
extremely capable.  Had she remained at Columbia, I believe that she would not have been
satisified to remain in a staff position.  Cindy had the potential of becoming an officer of the

On one of her last projects, she supervised a casual worker who helped her update and
organize student's files and records in a clearer more efficient manner than her predecessors
had employed.  We continue to benefit from this endeavor.

We want you to know that Cindy is very much missed.  We wish you and all of Cindy's
members all the best for the future.


Isabel F. Rivera"