Today, December 7th, 2003, Cindy would
have been 31 years old.  This photo was
taken in 1991 at Glen Onoko Falls in Jim
Thorpe, PA.

Dear Cindy,
On December 2nd the world got very
exciting news.  U.K. astronomers
announced that they have found evidence
that the star Vega is surrounded by a
planetary system similar to our own!  I
immediately thought of you and your
favorite movie Contact, based on the book
by Carl Sagan.  What joy we both felt as
the movie character played by Jodie Foster
journeys to Vega to reunite with her father
who had died when she was just a little
girl.  When she returns the world is
skeptical that she even made the trip since
she dropped through the transport system
for only a moment in time.  The videotape
evidence indicated that she had been away
for hours, but of course this was not
made public.  I do know with your
passion for astronomy and perhaps with
some information you gathered from the
other side, you also decided to soul travel
to Vega.  I certainly hope you have found
a way to travel faster than the speed of
light, something you believed would one
day be possible.  If not then it is going to
take you 25 light-years, since the Vega
system is 147 trillion miles from our sun.  
You will then arrive there in the year
2026.  The astronomers at the Royal
Observatory in Edinburgh, Scotland say
there is a Neptune-like planet orbiting Vega
at about the same distance as our Neptune,
which should leave plenty of room for
some rocky planets similar to earth.  My
birthday wish for you is that you find a
wormhole, which should shorten your trip
considerably.  I imagine with this new
information, our scientists are going to
start pointing all the dishes in the direction
of the constellation Lyra, in which Vega is
the brightest star.  Once you arrive
hopefully you will be able to convince the
Vegans to send us a message, hopefully
free of any Hitler references this time as
was the case in Contact.  Of course we all
wish you were here with us today and
every day.  I still feel your energy and I
use it everyday to do good and keep a
positive outlook.  Tomas, Mommy, Stan,
Daddy, Chris, Joey and Kori all believe in
you, that you are our heavenly anchor, the
brightest star in the sky, keeping the
equilibrium in all the cosmos.  Happy
Birthday to the best sis in the whole

God Speed Cindy,

Love Richie