Baby Wonderful!
On what would have been Cindy's 34th birthday, I decided to celebrate
Cindy as my baby sister.  My only experience with babies before the birth
of my son , was helping my mom with Cindy.  As you can see from the
playpen photo, we enjoyed playing together.  We both loved animals of
all kinds, especially caterpillars and Mexican jumping beans.  Cindy was
a good natured baby and always looked up to her big brothers.  It took
me a long time to realize just how intense her curiosity about the world
was.  As my son is beginning his journey, he also seems to have a desire
to explore his world.  He is happiest when out and about in the park,
delighting in the sway of the palm trees, the sounds of the birds and the
motion of the ride.  I will honor Cindy's 34th year of remembrance by
paying careful attention to those subtle cravings of my son to reach out
further than we might expect.  Did I mention that my son can already play
notes on the keyboard?  Oh goodness, am I going to be one of those
piano lesson pushers?  Yup, I think so.  Thanks Cindy and Happy

Love Richie
On the right:
Cindy at 9
months old