December 7, 2001

Today is your Birthday Cindy, and I can't get you off my mind. I didnt remember
many Birthdays, but yours was marked in everyones mind for the greatest tragedy in
America, December 7th Pearl Harbor Day, until September 11th, now the greatest
tragedy in America, and the day you left us. The fact that your birth date and your
death date will be marked by mankind forever is so huge, especially since you had an
addiction for numbers, and your numbers will never be forgotten, it's like a puzzle to
be solved, and I keep wanting to solve it! I just read a letter you wrote to Jen and
you said you were writing 8.1 words per line, I never met anyone quite like you.
Today Jen found the old potatoman you put in the freezer about 5 years ago, (it
made her sad) you and Jen could not get over the shape of this potato and the eyes
that looked like real eyes so you put a smile on him and wrapped him in a coat (so
Cindy!) and said he would guard the freezer, we really needed a guard for those ice
cubes! I miss hearing your voice and your view of things big and small.

Marcie Miller