Tragedy Touches All

Hi there,

I just today became aware of Cindy.  I live in Paterson and pass Cedar Lawn everyday on my
way to work.  I am also very familiar with the cemetery since being a Patersonian and a
history buff and having one of my closet friends tell me to go there and see it.  I never did go
there and see it until that same good friend passed away June 1.  I have been back many times
to visit him and stroll the cemetery looking at lives gone by.

My husband worked at Eurobrokers on the 84th floor of tower 2 and was on his way into
work that horrible day.  He lost 67 of his co-workers, 4 of them being very good friends and
one of them being his best friend of 8 years. That's what made me notice Cindy.  I was
driving past the cemetery on RT. 20
when out of the corner of my eye I saw the tombstone.  For the past three weeks I have been
trying to get to the cemetery to take a closer look and today I finally got there.  I had my 6
year old daughter with me (she sees the tombstone everyday too and for six she unfortunately
knows to much about death but she suggested we take one of out little American flags and put
it on Cindy's grave.  So, we went today, said a prayer, placed the flag and cried.  I am so
sorry for your loss.  When I got to work today I immediately went online to see if I could find
out more information on Cindy and sure enough I found this site.  I'm glad I did.  I can now
put a face and a life behind the tombstone.  I assure you that every time we go to the
cemetery to visit my friend Bill (who just happens to be right up the hill from Cindy) we will
stop and visit her.

I've decided there is no way we will ever get over it so we just need to learn to live with this
incredible sadness.  I hope you are finding peace somewhere.

Wendi Smith
August 2, 2002