Where do I begin?  At our Grandmother's repast Richard, Cindy and I were standing off to the
side when she told me to take a good look at the three of us compared to the rest of the family.  
We do have a way of sticking out.  She called us the "Adams Family Branch" of the Deuel Clan.  
She was right, and she had me laughing about that for days.  She took over the family genealogy,
getting more information then I did in a much shorter period of time. She would call me in the
beginning to tell me what she had found out about the family history.   The youngest of the 22
Grandchildren she was the only one that never got to meet our Grandfather, now she is the first
one to be in his arms.  Peace & Love..  
I remember Cindy when she was a little girl as in the pictures posted on this web site.  I then
moved to Tucson, AZ with my ex husband George Deuel.  (Your dad's brother Roy's son)  If
you remember June, Roy's wife, I am her daughter Alicia.  I remember Joey and Richie, not that
they would remember me, as they were all very young.  She sounded like a wonderful person
and I am sorry I never got the opportunity to have really gotten to know her.  My prayers are
with you all and I will try and help out in any way that I can.  I am sorry for your loss. She is in
a better place with relatives and the Lord..

Alicia Deuel 9/27/2001
Hi my name is Cheyenne Deuel. I never met Cindy but Cindy is my father's cousin, George
Deuel, your fathers brothers son.  I am his  daughter. All I want to say is I'm very sorry for
what happened in Cindys tragic passing away.

Cheyenne Deuel  9/29/2001