One of my dearest friends for more than 15 years, whom I've shared many great times &
memories with.  Though I miss Cindy terribly, she will never be forgotten & will always be
special to me.
Tracy Hartzell 9/22/2001
I "met" Cindy through the Internet, this past year through
e-mails.  As you see we share the same last name.  She was very helpful in the family
research.  I'm sorry I didn't know her better as it seems we had more things in common than
the name.  The world is much diminshed without her.

Linda Deuel 9/22/2001
I met Cindy on October 18, 2001, when I just arrived from Argentina.  I remember from the
first moment I went to live with Cindy and Tomas, she received me with open arms and she
helped me in many ways to start a living here in New York.  I still can't believe this has

Pablo Pons 9/22/2001
Someone told me once that all the time you remember someone who has died they will
always remain alive in your hearts.  I do believe that to be true.
Cindy was a good person who will be with the angels.  In the eyes of those who loved her
she will never age.  She will always remain youthful and beautiful.
My heart goes out to all her family.  I am sure too that by now she will know the truth about
Hannah.  A truth that I hope the rest of us can discover in the fullness of time.

Sheila Mitchell
England 9/24/2001