Together in the crib at high noon

R.J. Markie and Tigger 2
The candy store and baby you

Dolls on strings and moon people closets
Bambi, Spunky, and Little Cat frolics

The Explorer Spy Clubs our membership two
Glowing red phones and erector set clues

Patchette on the beams in our house of green
Maggie and Patrick with the painting that screams

Talking with Max and Mickey Mouse trains
Matchbox races and Monopoly games

Towers of blocks and hikes on the trail
Caterpillar collections and dealing with snails

Brother Joey and his Challenger IV
Long paper routes and hearing "Foxmoore"

The Hermit's House and the Space Race theme
Mountaintop sightings of outer space dreams

Andre, Audrey and Sally's caps galore
Out on service spreading God's word

Red-checkered assemblies and the carpet static charge
Muscoda Rd and the big hole in the yard

The beach at Waywayanda and Higgins on the hill
The smell of kerosene so easy to spill

Billet's bike and Harold the Rat
Bright eyes droppings and Frobozz the Cat

Robin, Rotuno and love letter schemes
Hanging in Frenchtown with Bill Cosby creams

The hand in the window the lightning so bright
Richie did give you such a horrible fright

The Mexican Jumping Bean race
Boots, Sneakers and Drew's ugly face

505 Old Forge Drive
Calena jock parties Daddy's home lets hide

General Hospital and Frisco Jones
Lehigh Valley Mall is where we called home

Brian Cindy crushes
Northampton yellow buses

Cindy cutting classes
Bryant Cindy clashes

Fights, yells and silly charades
Nail polish weapons and the messes they made

Phone taps and girl chat grooves
The Main St. grounded blues

Messy clothes piles and Puegeut fires
Singing in the Northampton choir

Pam, Jen, Tracy and the girl's night out
Telephone poles and the Bath blackout

Tampa tornadoes twisting and turning
Cindy and Abbe's higher learning

NYU and Girlinda's closet bedroom
Grant and Kelly visit and CBGB bedlum

Sanding floors in Williamsburg and the linoleum mold nightmare
Sammy climbing the ladder without a single care

Polygram Scruffy Duffy Heathers calling all the shots
Shelly and Sharon are sure emailing a lot

Living with Richie at his Pocono palace
Those commuting to the city mornings filled with so much malice

Back to Bath we go
There's the half filled Cokes I know

Family tree on the wall
To Deuel Hollow we go

Woodside and Columbia meeting with your dreams
Those damn tiled floors wet around the seams

Welcoming your Argentinean man with open arms
You introduce me to my love and my forever charm

Back to see Pocono, with Nai and the snowplow Pons
But you miss Woodside of which you are so fond

Ozone finds you Junior, Gato and a job
To Brooklyn and World Trade Center now you are with God

September 10, 2002