On this fifth anniversary of 9/11, Cindy is being remembered in a special powerful
way - through the baby blue eyes of her newly arrived nephew.  He was born to
Kori and I this summer.  Our entire family can see a little Cindy in him.  With so
much sadness since 9/11, this little guy has offered us hope and inspiration.  
Cindy's memory will live on with him and I will tell him about his special aunt who if
it wasn't for her, he would not be here.  See, Cindy introduced Kori to me.  Cindy's
life was full of so many great deeds, some of which take time before they are
realized.  Now that he is here, I want to thank her for playing matchmaker.  I can't
imagine my life without Kori and now without my son.  What great things will he
accomplish in life?  I am certain that Cindy sent us this sweet soul, picked for her
own special reasons.  On this 9/11 anniversary we are celebrating a new arrival, a
perfect baby delivered from heaven.

Thank you Cindy!