Cindy, My heart and mind will never relax with the official story of your murder.  I may not
be out there every day calling out the real evil doers, but this is still how I feel inside, all
blasted to pieces by our corrupt system.  

I want you to know that I have not left you. I am still there, waiting for word from you.  I
am still living on the Upper East Side , waiting for a telephone call from you.  I am still
searching through the rubble.  I have not forgotten about you.

And of course, I am still hoping the murderers get what they deserve and the truth is
revealed to the world.  It can still happen you know – eventually.  Until then, I am blasted
by all the….

Things unsaid.  Things undone.
Blast the machine.  Blast the war zone.
Blast the enemy in plane sight..

Grieving parents  Grieving children.
Blast the liars. Blast the Bush years.
Blast the masked diplomats.

Stupid faked evidence.  Stupid finger pointing.
Blast the BOMB EVIDENCE.  Blast building #7.
Blast the towers.

Lost dreams.  Lost loves.
Blast the last nine years.  Blast Ground Zero.
Blast the painful memories.

Motivations sick.  Motivations kill.
Blast the oil.  Blast the warmongers.
Blast the Iraq war.

Tricked masses.  Tricked still.
Blast 9/11.  Blast that day.
Blast all those responsible to hell.