I feel bad I was really mean to the pets last night.  I was so tired and grumpy and they all
wanted to play: Junior biting my feet, Na-na panting in my face, Gato crawling on my head,
Sammy meowing.  I felt like a mother of 15 kids!  I really yelled at them!  Poor little guys.  I'll
have to give them lots of treats when I get home.  I hate to say this, but I don't think that
Sammy will ever be completely accepting of all the other guys and Na-Na just doesn't care,
but Gato and Junior are just about the funniest thing I've ever seen!  They actually talk, they
will meow and bark back and forth for like 15 minutes straight, what do you think they are
saying?  Then the other day Gato stole a whole chicken thigh & leg.  He managed to steal it
from Sammy (who had gotten it originally), carry it all the way across the kitchen and into the
living room - past both dogs- where he sat eating it.  After about 15 minutes Junior finally
caught on.  He came running in, but didn't have the guts to go straight for it, so instead he and
Gato had a staring match.  Gato was so funny, he wasn't intimidated at all and continued to
sneak bites while looking Junior in the eye.  It was hilarious, at one point Junior sort of burst
from frustration and started chasing his tail.  Gato was just laughing at him.  Eventually Gato
ate enough and let Junior have the rest, but if you could have seen it, you would have been
crying laughing.  They are all just so cute.  I just wish Sammy and Na-Na would have fun too,
but I guess they're just too old to make new friends.

June 13, 2001