The cookie is round with an inviting look.  It is two black discs sandwiched together with a
white cream in the middle.  In the center there is an oval with the word "OREO" printed in the
middle of the cookie.  Surrounding the oval is an ornate decoration similar to what would be
found on a piece of flowery letterhead.  The bottom disc is not perfectly round; it is missing an
edge.  It looks like a mouse had gotten into the bag and had quite a dinner.  The two discs are
not exactly on top of one another.  They are set slightly askew.

The cookie reminds me of being a little girl.  It reminds me of my Uncle Roy's wedding.  My
mother had given me a necklace of hers to wear it.  I was only five and my mother had given
my older brother strict directions that if I were to chew on her nice necklace to take it away
from me.  Many children chew on things but I had a special problem with it.  When I was two
or three I was given a necklace.  It was a plastic Oreo cookie on a string.  I don't remember
being given it, but I do remember having it.  I loved that necklace, but since it looked like food,
I treated it like food.  I would chew on it constantly.  It drove my mother insane.  She would
try and take it from me, but I would scream and throw an incredible fit.  I wouldn't even let her
take it from me at night when I went to sleep.  If she did manage to get it off me while I was
sleeping, the first thing I would do in the morning is throw a crazy fit.  Eventually I lost the
necklace, which was one of the happier days of my mother's life.  And, eventually I got over it,
but whatever jewelry I would wear I would chew, to this day it is a nervous habit.

Another thing Oreo's remind me of are moms.  Not my mom, but moms in general, my best
friend's mothers.  Linda and Anne, my friend's Abbe and Pam's mothers always bought Oreo's
and never limited the number we could eat.  If I had an obesity problem when I was a child I
would have definitely have blamed them.  Last summer Pam and I were hanging at her parent's
house for the first time in six years.  We couldn't believe it, we walked over to the cupboard
and there sat in the exact place they had sat for 15 or 20 years a pack of Oreo's.  It just
reminded us that nothing much ever changes back home.  The Oreo's were still there, and our
moms were still our moms.

Another thing Oreo's remind me of are my brothers, we weren't allowed many sweets when we
were little.  The only time we were allowed sweets was after school.  We were usually allotted
two or three cookies or a cupcake.  Nine times out of ten, though, it was Oreo's.  My brothers
and I were extremely greedy when it came to sweets and extremely competitive when it came
to each other.  When we would each receive our allotment, none of us would eat them.  We
would wait and wait until finally one of the other ones would give in and eat the cookie.  The
trick was to get both of the other children to eat all of their sweets before you were done with
yours, that way you could savor yours in front of the others.