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On September 12th, Cindy's brother Richard met Cindy's husband Tomas at The New
School, where Tomas had spent the night checking and rechecking the hospital lists as
they were updated.  A reporter for the Boston Globe spoke with Richard.  There is a
brief mention of their conversation in the Boston Globe.  Richard spent the entire day
walking from hospital to hospital, checking their lists and leaving a poster size photo
and description of Cindy.
I know that all of us have been wondering what Cindy experienced as the horrific
events unfolded at the North Tower.  I found this report from, of an
employee named Jeffrey Nussbaum, who managed to call his mother and 911.  If
anybody learns of any other phone calls made from Carr Futures employees, please
email me.
Amazingly, all of the employees on the floor below Cindy's, which was floor 91,
survived!  As we are all thankful that these lives were saved, it is also disturbing,
and makes us wonder why floor 92 was the cut off point.  I do know from speaking
with Carr Futures employees, that there wasn't access to the south stairwell entrance
on 92.  Might this fact played a part in what happened?  If anyone has any ideas,
please email me.  On the front page of the American Bureau of Shipping, who had
their business on floor 91, you can read their company statement about their
employees escape.  Look under "NEWS"