I know that with the loss of Cindy, there has been a loss of words for me to
describe my feelings.  The hardest part has been to capture these feelings, images,
and memories when all I want, is to have Cindy back.  Some are finding it easier
to set these emotions into the form of a poem, or a letter telling Cindy all those
things they wished they had said, or even to write God himself.  If you are able to
capture these feelings in regards to this tragedy and the loss of Cindy, please send
them to me and I will post them.  In time we all have a lot to say, for now, the
words from our heart sound like a good place to start.
Questions for God by Sheila Mitchell

I wrote this a few days after the terrible events of 11th September.  I could not get Cindy out
of my head and whilst on my morning rounds the seeds of this poem were sown.  I know that
it is not 'poetically correct' but it comes from the heart.  To try to edit it would only serve to
destroy some of the inner meaning and the way I felt.
This is my tribute to Cindy and all those who died.  I hope it does not cause offence.
This ispirational note was sent to Kori by her friend Hugo on