All photos of bracelet taken by Syndi Bruchesky
Left: Syndi
Top: Actual bracelet
OUT OF THE BLUE 2 by Syndi Bruchesky

4 years ago after the horrible tragedy, I saw a website where I could order a bracelet with a name
of a WTC victim.  Being that my name is Syndi, I searched for someone with the same name.  I
came across Cindy Deuel, and she became the chosen name on my bracelet.  The one that I
would spend the next 4 years wearing for one week leading up to 9/11.

I never met or knew Cindy.  For years I longed to know more about her.  What was she like?  
Was she married?  What were her interests?  Curiosity got the better of me yesterday.  I finally
"googled" her.  I'm a computer tech, so it would make sense I would find her this way.

This site came up as my first hit.  I clicked and spent the next few hours pouring over her words
and pictures and tributes.  I cried because I finally met her.  I realized we could have been
friends.  We were close to the same age, we both LOVE "Contact" and we both aren't real fond of
Brittany S.  Her view on "Girls Night Out" clinched it for me.  She had me laughing and crying at
the same time.  Not many people can achieve that.  I finally stopped reading, and started watching
all the movies and re-runs of the tragedy.  I couldn't stop thinking about her.  After all the
emotional rollercoastering, I went to sleep.

Today, I was telling a co-worker that I found her (everyone knows about my bracelet).  I again,
went to her website and started reading the posts.  There was one called "Out of the Blue".  I
started reading it and found MANY similarities to someone I knew in NJ.  I kept reading and the
similarities kept coming.  By the time I read the signature, my mouth was on the ground.  It WAS
my friend.  My friend that I hadn't seen in 6 years.  My friend that I was pretty close to when I
lived in Paramus NJ in 1998-1999.  My friend who I had met, because I was her bridal consultant
and sold her a REALLY expensive dress (for the millionth time...I'm sorry Wendi).

I immediately sent an email and wrote in the subject line that she had to contact me right away!  
We are both leading very busy lives these days, plus I live in St. Louis, Missouri.  I wrote
everything in the email, and she answered immediately with her phone number (which I didn't
have).  I called her, and we talked.  She was running out the door, but I got to speak with my
friend and hopefully we will keep in touch now.

Out of all the victims of 9/11, I chose Cindy.  Out of all the cemetaries, Wendi drives by Cedar
Lawn daily.  After all these years, Cindy brought two good friends back together.

I'm about to cry again...

Syndi Bruchesky
September 12, 2005