This is my email for friends and family.  Attached are a few different pics of the bracelet.

I was reading more about Cindy on the site last night; eulogies and such, and I realized we have
anothing thing in common.  I have for my entire life, collected stuffed animals.  Its a running family
joke that if I don't get a stuffed animal for all holidays and birthday, I will be upset.  My mother is
famous for making sure that happens.  And my boyfriend always tries to win me a stuffed animal
at fairs and carnivals and those little booths at the restaurant with the claw that hooks one.  I have
themed stuffed animals for every holiday (Christmas, Easter, Halloween, etc.

I wished Cindy were with me last night.  I was studying for my Networking test that I will be
taking tonight, and I just can't seem to understand the formula for creating subnets and IP ranges.  
I start to get it and then I lose it.  Arrrgggh.  Finally at 12am, I said to myself, "Maybe Cindy will
visit me in my dreams and explain it to me."  LOL.  Unfortunately that didn't happen.  I imagine she
had more important things to tend to up there.  :o)

Anyway, you can tell by the pictures that the bracelet is really worn.  I try to keep in polished, but
its starting to show wear and tear.  Nonetheless, you can still read the name and location.

I hope it makes you and your family smile.


Syndi (friends call me Syn)
September 22, 2005

Hmmm, isn't that funny, a lot of us would call Cindy "Cin" also...

Oh no, another stuffed animal reminds me of the Star Trek episode where the
Enterprise is invaded by Tribols...that was Cindy's bedroom floor, they just kept multiplying!

I hope you passed the test with flying colors!

September 22, 2005

Tribols was my favoite episode of Star Trek!  And, yesterday I put on my bracelet for good luck
and all of a sudden everything clicked.  I understood the formulas and ....I got a 100% on my
test!!!!!  "Thanks Cin".

September 23, 2005