Hello Syndi,

I know that Cindy would be able to figure out the mathematical probabilities of this amazing
synchronicity, but all I can say is WOW.

That you would both be touched by her story in such a similar way is rather eerie.  You both took
an active role in remembering and honoring her.  You with your Cindy bracelet and Wendy in a
number of different ways.  Wendy included my Headstone Dedication in her neighborhood
newsletter.  She tidied up Cindy's gravesite and even placed hydrangea's that she cut from her
mother's garden.  She tends to the grave and even offered to help when I suggested on Cindy's
site that there should be a perpetual flower garden there.  Her acts of kindness and words of
encouragement really came at a time that I needed them.  All of this from her even as she was
suffering from her own loss of her friend Bill and her husband's loss of 67 coworkers.  

So as Wendy is tending to Cindy's grave, without her knowledge her friend Syndi, now living
many miles away and who she hasn't seen in six years, is wearing the Cindy remembrance
bracelet.  I am always looking for signs from Cindy and this one would certainly top the list.  I
must say, that the more I think about it, it does take on more and more meaning.  Four years is a
long time to wear any bracelet, especially for someone who you knew nothing about.  I also find
it ironic that you waited four years to "Google" her name.

Perhaps there is an even bigger picture here and you were meant to get back in touch with
Wendi.  I can honestly say that you both have a sensitive quality about you and write in a similar

I would love to feature your story on Cindy's site in the near future, if that is all right with you.

Perhaps you could take a photo of the bracelet so I can have a picture of it next to the story.

Please tell Wendi I said hello and that I am sorry that I haven't written in so long.

Thank you for all of your kindness,

September 20th, 2005