Hi Richie,

I met Cindy through Tracy &
Jen.  I didn't get a chance to
know her that well but the few
times I did get to hang out with
her I got to really like her.  I
remember her as always happy,
friendly and down to earth.  She
was fun to be around!  

I thought I would share this
drawing I did for my portfolio with
you.  I needed an original
drawing and it was around the
9/11 anniversary so, as always, I
was thinking of Cindy and end
up drawing this. . .

Lisa Wilson
July 22, 2005
I'd like to thank Lisa Wilson for this wonderful drawing of Cindy and for using one
of my favorite quotes of Cindy's.  I loved it so much that I also placed it on the
front page to this site.  As for the misspelling of Deuel, all I can say is that
generations of Deuels have met a similar fate and Cindy would have a great big
chuckle on seeing this.  We're almost to the 4th Anniversary of 9/11 and it
comforts me that even those who knew Cindy for a only a brief moment are
continuing to remember her.

Thank you!
Richard Deuel
July 24, 2005