I came to this country at the very beginning of 1999, and I met Cindy in
May of that same year.  We met because my cousin Diego, called his friend
Kori and asked her if she knew anyone who was looking for a roommate.  
Kori told him about Cindy and that she was looking for one.  

Over the weekend, at noon on Sunday, I went to look at Cindy's apartment
in Woodside Queens.  I liked the apartment and Cindy agreed to let me rent.  
Cindy was hungry and asked if I like spicy food, that there was a restaurant
only a block from the house.   I said yes, but I really don't like spicy food,
which Cindy was soon to find out.  

I'll never forget how I hated this food which set my mouth on fire.  Cindy
was laughing because she knew I didn't like it.  At that moment looking at
each other across the table, I think we both already knew that we were made
for each other, there was something about Cindy that was different.  

After our "spicy" encounter, we went to a bar and sipped a couple of drinks.

We decided to visit with Kori in Manhattan.  Kori, Cindy and me decided to
go out for dinner at Cafe Bianco.  After the order was placed I ran and
bought one rose for Cindy and one for Kori.  We really had a great time that
night and after leaving Kori, we kissed for the first time.  It was wonderful.  
I have never stopped kissing Cindy, everyday we were together, and even
now in my thoughts.    

We were married on August 6, 1999.  We were really happy and I love
Cindy more than anything in this world.  She was wonderful.  There are no
words to explain what kind of person she was.  She was everything for me.
She was a wife, a girlfriend, a friend, a partner, a teacher and anything you
could imagine.

Tomas Pons
September 24, 2001